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Charting a path between non-profits and volunteers with financial skills

How are we doing this?


Inspire more finance professionals to volunteer their time and skills to non-profits


Connect non-profits with diverse and expert volunteers with financial skills


Engage the wider sector so volunteering is part of every finance professional's career

Want to get involved and volunteer your skills to help a non-profit (and yourself)?

32% of finance professionals did not volunteer last year because it had never occurred to them


DfE research confirms that financial skills are the most in-demand skill set among governing boards


55% of finance professionals did not volunteer due to their existing work commitments


Why are we doing this?

Finance professionals — whilst volunteering work is unpaid, the personal and professional benefits for you are priceless 

Non-profits — we know a keen, capable volunteer can sometimes be hard to find, but that’s where we can help, free of charge

It's estimated that only 10% of UK finance professionals volunteer their skills to non-profits each year

Our goal is ambitious — to increase this to 50% giving 2 days a year to skills-based volunteering

Support us on our Charterpath mission

Connect with non-profits seeking volunteer financial skills

Number of finance professionals who have signed the Charterpath volunteer pledge


Charterpath volunteers

Number of hours of financial skills committed to volunteering with non-profits


Volunteer hours

Number of non-profits that  Charterpath have promoted volunteer opportunities for free of charge


Non-profit partners

Value of time volunteered by finance professionals and recruitment fees saved


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What difference are we making?