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Connecting non-profits with diverse and expert volunteer finance skills

We know that volunteers with financial skills can be challenging and costly to find — especially when seeking expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds.

As part of our mission at Charterpath we aim to connect non-profits with finance professionals. We can promote your volunteer opportunity free of charge and help you to:

Obtain critical financial skills and support

Access more diverse financial skills

Build financial resilience

Improve succession planning

“We reached out to Charterpath to find a Finance Co-ordinator for the CEE Bill Alliance. They were very quick to respond and connected us with a number of well qualified candidates matching the skills and experience we needed.  


Within a couple of weeks, we selected our preferred candidate who was able to get involved straight away. Alice kept in touch throughout the process and guided us through the job description, interviewing and feedback stages.


Thank you Charterpath, we look forward to working with you again in the future!”

— Emily McGonigle, Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill Alliance

“As a small international development charity, Move the World is constantly looking for ways to best utilize our time with the best quality possible. We came across Charterpath while in the throes of looking for a new treasurer for our small and mighty organization. Charterpath has been fantastic from start to finish — not only did we find an absolute gem through their platform, but the customer care has been top notch.

Alice in particular has checked in regularly to see how we were coming along, if we found anyone, was patient when we were at capacity and celebrated with us when we ‘found the one.’ Would highly recommend small charities get involved and we will be back should/when we need to expand!”

— Claire Hardy, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Move The World

Looking for ways to support your existing accountant volunteers?

Looking to recruit volunteers with financial skills free of charge?

Submit your opportunity to Charterpath and once approved, Charterpath will promote the opportunity on its website, through its social media channels (primarily LinkedIn) and also directly through its network.

Charterpath works in partnership with the specialist recruitment and search firm Marks Sattin, who will also promote the opportunity on its website, through its social media channels and directly through its database of candidates.

Candidates will typically contact the non-profit directly to register their interest. Charterpath and Marks Sattin will not typically act as a filter to have preliminary discussions, or participate in screening or selection.

No fees will be charged by Charterpath or Marks Sattin for promotion of the opportunity, regardless of whether a successful candidate is identified.

How it works

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