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If you would like to advertise your opportunity for a volunteer finance professional through Charterpath, please complete the following form. (You cannot save the form halfway through so please keep a copy of your responses if you would like to complete it over a few days)

About your organisation

Upload your icon/logo

Your logo will be used on our website to advertise your role. It will appear inside a 125 pixel circle so please provide a file that will display correctly, you may prefer to use your brand icon instead of your logo. Please see our current opportunities for examples.

Causes your organisation supports

Role details

Please select location(s) the candidate will need to work in

Role type

About your organisation

Please include your mission and objectives, why you do what you do!

Please type here - recommend 500 words

About the role

  • Be as specific as possible about what is required in terms of the role, responsibilities and tasks.

  • Is it a distinct project with a specific timeline and end date or are you looking for ongoing support? 

  • Which meetings will the volunteer be required to attend and what is their typically frequency e.g. 4 Board meetings a year/monthly Finance Committees etc? Any Chair or Sub-Committee responsibilities? 

  • No need to list the generic responsibilities of a trustee but do summarise the key elements required e.g. lead the Board’s duty to ensure proper accounting records are kept; oversee planning/budgeting processes; liaise with the external auditors

​Recommend 500 words.

About the role…

Your ideal candidate

  • What skills, experience and qualities would your ideal candidate have? 

  • Essential skills and qualities

  • Desirable skills and qualities


​Recommend 500 words.

Describe your ideal candidate…

What’s in it for the candidate

  • Volunteers are motivated by knowing they can make a difference.

  • Reference how they can make an impact to the organisation and in turn the community it serves (quantifying your organisation’s impact if possible).

  • You may want to reference new skills they may develop, networking opportunities, any specific events or initiatives they can get involved with.

​Recommend 500 words.

What’s in it for them…

Disclaimer — please read and confirm below

I hereby confirm that:

  • The opportunity relates to a registered charity, community interest company or other non-profit organisation (‘Non-profit’).

  • The opportunity is a voluntary, unpaid role.

  • The opportunity requires a volunteer with financial skills.

  • The opportunity is being posted directly for my organisation, not on behalf of another organisation. I am not a third party site or recruitment agency.

  • The role description I have provided is an accurate summary of the tasks which a successful candidate will be required to perform.

  • I have the necessary rights to post this information on the Charterpath website and allow this material (including logo and branding) to be used by Charterpath and also Marks Sattin in relation to the volunteer opportunity.

  • Our organisation will perform its own vetting and selection process for candidates. I understand that Charterpath acts only to promote the opportunities and cannot guarantee the quality of any applicants.

  • Our organisation is responsible for acknowledging the receipt of any candidate applications and explaining the next steps in their application.This will include a clear on-boarding process for volunteers to whom we make an offer.

  • I will advise Charterpath if we make an offer to a volunteer referred by Charterpath or Marks Sattin and will provide a short testimonial if requested.

  • I will advise Charterpath at the earliest opportunity if the vacancy is filled or no longer required and not available for volunteers.

  • Our organisation must treat applications from candidates as confidential data and comply with the Data Protection Law, specifically non-profits must not pass or sell on applicant data to any other parties without obtaining their express permission.

  • No liability is accepted by Charterpath for any loss or damage which may arise out of any User relying on or using any information on this Site.


For full details of Charterpath’s liability please refer to the Terms and Conditions

Next steps

Once approved, Charterpath will promote the opportunity on its website, through its social media channels (primarily LinkedIn) and also directly through its network.

Charterpath works in partnership with the specialist recruitment and search firm Marks Sattin, who may also promote the opportunity on its website, through its social media channels and directly through its database of candidates.

Candidates will contact the non-profit directly to register their interest. Charterpath and Marks Sattin will not act as a filter to have preliminary discussions.

No fees will be charged by Charterpath or Marks Sattin for promotion of the opportunity, regardless of whether a successful candidate is identified

Charterpath reserves the right to remove opportunities from the website at any time and for any reason.

Time commitment

Time commitment 

Key accounting software used


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