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Think you are too young to volunteer — think again!

Archie Norman, chairman of Marks and Spencer, has said company boards are “made up of old people”, and as a result may not able to keep pace with disruptive, smarter and faster technological advances.

Writing for an MBS Intelligence report on ‘Board of the future’ Norman said board diversity is “not just about ethnic background or gender, it is about how we live and how we think…

With the best will in the world many veterans of great distinction struggle to keep pace with new digital technology and the way it is changing our lives.”

This trend is just as applicable for the boards of non-profits, with the average age of a trustee 60 years old — and non-profits urgently seeking to increase the use of technology in their services.

So remember:

— You are not too young

— You are not too inexperienced

If you are a chartered accountant you can add value in a whole host of different ways.

So don’t delay, get in touch with us Charterpath to chart your path into the non-profit sector and use your skills for good.


If the idea of volunteering your skills with a non-profit has caught your imagination - follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Follow Charterpath on LinkedIn for all the latest news, inspiration, and roles

  2. Have a look around our website at for case studies, helpful resources, and live volunteer opportunities

  3. Sign the Charterpath pledge to show your support for our mission and volunteer your skills for at least 2 days each year

About Charterpath

Alice Clementi and Alex Marsh co-founded Charterpath as a community interest company in 2020, with a mission to increase the proportion of accountants volunteering from 10% to 50% - inspiring more accountants to volunteer their time and expertise, connecting them with non-profit opportunities, and engaging with a wide range of organisations so volunteering is a core part of an accountant’s career. For more information, visit



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