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Pocket Power: introducing Charterpath's new Whatsapp Volunteer Hub

Introducing Charterpath's new Whatsapp Volunteer Hub - putting power in your pocket for all your volunteering related questions


When Alex and I came up with our vision for Charterpath - it always went beyond just inspiring more finance professionals to get involved in volunteering.

We wanted to build out a community of volunteers who could provide support and advice, inspiration and motivation for those volunteering their finance skills to the non-profit sector.

The truth is that volunteering can be a lonely experience (particularly as a finance trustee) - but it doesn’t need to be!

Over the past 24 months we have held virtual webinars, in-person events and networking parties to make connections between volunteers and start to build out this volunteer community. But to provide a more comprehensive and real-time service we are now delighted to launch our new Volunteer Hub on WhatsApp. 

The Hub aims to bring together professionals with finance skills for peer support, collaboration, and sharing experiences in volunteer roles, projects or tasks. It is open to all, whether you are looking for advice on finding your first volunteer role, or seeking technical support with a particularly thorny issue at a non-profit. The more finance professionals who we can get to contribute, the richer the community and the more valuable it will become.

As ever with such a Hub, it must be used in a constructive spirit and hence we have set our community guidelines here.

Please do join our Volunteer Hub and share your knowledge and experience of volunteering so that we can provide support to finance professionals who need it. Many heads is better than one!

Alice Clementi, Co-founder of Charterpath


About Charterpath

Alice Clementi and Alex Marsh co-founded Charterpath as a community interest company in 2020, with a mission to increase the proportion of professionals with financial skills volunteering from 10% to 50%. Charterpath has already built a diverse and highly engaged community of over 2,000 professionals with financial skills, having successfully connected over 150 non-profits with volunteers, ranging from The Trussell Trust, to the Together Coalition founded by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Scouts and Manchester Deaf Centre.


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