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Charterpath Community support

At Charterpath we are looking to build out a community of support for accountant volunteers.

Thanks to amazing support from Emma Crookes we have been able to launch a pilot mentoring scheme for some lucky members of our community.

Kemi Olafare kindly shared her experiences with us…

“I had always considered using a coach but I wasn’t sure how to go about finding a suitable one, so it was good timing to see this opportunity from Charterpath.

It has been an absolute pleasure knowing and working with Emma. From our initial chemistry session, I loved Emma’s style and felt comfortable sharing my personal and professional goals. Emma was great at both encouraging and challenging my ideas.

I learnt so much about myself in a short space of time; the importance of making space for my self development, giving life to my ideas and most importantly, stopping to reflect and reward myself.

I would definitely recommend coaching sessions with Emma; whatever stage of your career you are in, it’s a great opportunity to have an independent sounding board. I would advise people to make sure you dedicate protected time for this as your personal development is just as important as your professional career. Also, to get the best out of the sessions, I would encourage people to be candid as to what motivates them but also what those barriers might be, so that you can explore options that will truly work for you. And — enjoy it!”

Are you looking for support as an accountant volunteer?

Join us as a Charterpath volunteer to stay up-to-date with events, mentoring and other such opportunities


If the idea of volunteering your skills with a non-profit has caught your imagination - follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Follow Charterpath on LinkedIn for all the latest news, inspiration, and roles

  2. Have a look around our website at for case studies, helpful resources, and live volunteer opportunities

  3. Sign the Charterpath pledge to show your support for our mission and volunteer your skills for at least 2 days each year

About Charterpath

Alice Clementi and Alex Marsh co-founded Charterpath as a community interest company in 2020, with a mission to increase the proportion of accountants volunteering from 10% to 50% - inspiring more accountants to volunteer their time and expertise, connecting them with non-profit opportunities, and engaging with a wide range of organisations so volunteering is a core part of an accountant’s career. For more information, visit


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