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About the organisation

The Centre for Progressive Change (CPC) is a new not-for-profit organisation that builds campaigns for national policy and legislative change in the UK.


Our focus is on making legislative gains that lead us to a more progressive society and improve the lives of low and middle-income communities. By progressive we mean a society where everyone has financial stability, where people are treated as equals and are free to be who they are without persecution, and where we look after our environment.


To achieve this vision, we build proactive campaigns for progressive legislative change, do research on what works when campaigning for national policy change and offer training and consultancy to support other organisations to build effective campaigns. We use an interdisciplinary approach for our national campaigns including advocacy, business engagement, community organising, mobilising, communications and campaign research.

About the role

CPC’s Company Directors collectively oversee CPC’s mission, strategy, finances and organisational development. They ensure that CPC is well-run and delivers on our ambition to build effective national organising campaigns for progressive change. They are responsible for fulfilling the legal duties of a Company Director and, because CPC is focused on delivering a public purpose, some aspects of the role are similar to that of a charity Trustee.


In addition to the responsibilities of all Directors, the Treasurer leads on financial leadership, sustainability and resilience for CPC, and supporting other Directors to fulfil their collective responsibilities around finance.


Key responsibilities

The Treasurer will:

1. Build CPC’s financial models, including supporting the Executive team on assessing the viability of new income streams.

2. Identify financial risk and support the Executive team to find mitigations, ensure appropriate financial risk management systems.

3. With the CEO, create the financial strategy for the organisation so that CPC can fulfil its mission and 5 year strategy.

4. Ensure CPC’s financial governance is robust, including by supporting the staff team to develop and maintain proportionate financial policies and processes.

5. Have an overview of the financial trends of the organisation and its medium and long term financial future.

6. Keep abreast of and take steps with the CEO to ensure CPC’s financial sustainability.

7. Overlook CPC’s financial resilience including through multi-year planning and active reserves management.

8. Prepare timely, accessible and accurate financial information for the quarterly Board meetings, supported by the Financial Officer. Support the Board to understand the organisation’s finances and fulfil their financial obligations.

Our ideal candidate


● Experience of financial management in a company, charity or not-for-profit organisation.

● An appropriate financial or accountancy qualification.

● Experience of creating financial models and financial strategies.

● A good understanding of financial governance and risk management.

● Experience of overseeing financial sustainability and resilience.

● A strong ability to interpret and interrogate financial information and trends.

● The ability to communicate financial information to non-specialists.

● Aligned with CPC’s vision - campaign experience is not required.



● Experience of financial leadership in a company, charity or not-for-profit organisation.

● Experience of financial management or oversight in a grant-funded organisation.

What’s in it for you

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to CPC’s vital mission, make an impact, work with a talented team, and support a young, dynamic and strategic organisation. Our Board is committed, collaborative and insightful, with a strong understanding of its role and remit, and an informal culture that enables open dialogue.

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Company Board Treasurer

The Centre for Progressive Change

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29 Apr 2024






Other volunteer role

Time commitment

1-3 hours per week
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