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About the organisation

Table 11 is a community of folks in their 20s, 30s, and 40s in the UK who have lost a close loved one. The organisation brings together people who have experienced the loss of a close

loved one and want to find a community of people who understand what that’s like,

that celebrates life and loss by creating space for connection for those who have

been impacted by death in their 20s, 30s and 40s.

About the role

Since 2019, Table 11 have been building a grassroots community of folks in the United

Kingdom. After being featured on Good Grief? with Reverend Richard Coles on

Channel 4 in 2022, we experienced extraordinary demand and have now opened up

the community for others in their 20s, 30s and 40s who are impacted by grief and

expanded the offering across the United Kingdom, with tables operating in

communities including London, Birmingham, York, Windsor, Surrey and more.

Having just become a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are working to expand

our impact and are looking to recruit a new team member to our board who will take

on the role of Finance Director. It is a voluntary position and an exciting opportunity

for a colleague with a finance background to make a real difference supporting

those who have experienced the loss of a close loved one at a young age.

The key relationships are with the Table 11 Executive Director and Table 11 Operations

Director, and as a member of the Board. Because we are a new and growing

organisation, the individual will have an opportunity to build, shape, and define the

role to ensure maximum impact.


1. Supporting the Board: To maintain the effective governance of the

organisation’s affairs, oversee the financial viability, and ensure that proper

processes and procedures exist for assuring all financial records, decisions and

delegations are maintained.

2. Strategic: To assist and advise in the formation of the CIC’s strategy to ensure

the CIC has the resources to deliver the agreed strategy.

3. Financial: To recommend to the Board appropriate accounting procedures,

controls and policies.

a. To ensure the Board receives appropriate budgetary and financial

information on the activities of the CIC including submitting the Annual

Accounts (June/July 2024).

b. Assist in the process of the appointment of auditors and contractors

and review such appointments on a regular basis.

c. To work in close relationship with Table 11 Operations Director and

Executive Director in all matters financial including monitoring and

advising on the financial viability of the CIC.

4. Governance: To ensure that the Board is aware of its financial duties and

responsibilities and the need to comply with all relevant legislation.

a. To ensure that all financial policies, procedures, and the appointment of

external contractors are reviewed on a regular basis.

5. General responsibilities as a Director: In addition to the responsibilities

outlined above, the Finance Director has the following general responsibilities.

a. Ensure the CIC applies its resources exclusively in pursuing its


b. Safeguard the good name and values of the CIC.

c. Attend meetings and subcommittee meetings as appropriate and read

documentation in preparation for the meeting.

d. Keep informed about the activities of the CIC and wider issues which

affect its work.

e. Excellent networking, influencing and communication skills

f. Active support of fundraising and grant strategy programme

Our ideal candidate

We are looking for a Finance Director to support the financial management of Table

11. Our hope is to find an integrity-led, purpose-driven and proactive individual who is

willing to use their experience and time to empower the organisation and those

supported by it.

We are looking for someone who has:

● Knowledge of, and willingness to take or share responsibility for, all matters of

financial management, including but not limited to book-keeping,

record-keeping, budgets, forecasts, cash flow, banking, record-keeping and

commercial practices.

● Experience in the charity sector, with a preference for individuals with

knowledge of launching a charitable/CIC project and setting up necessary

systems and structures.

● A willingness to work, share responsibility and collaborate with senior

leadership at Table 11.

What’s in it for you

You'd have a major hand in getting a non-profit off the ground! This assistance would be a huge help as we are starting the journey of beginning a CIC and supporting those in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who have lost a loved one and are dealing with grief.

Apply for the role

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Volunteer Finance Director

Table 11

Apply by

18 Nov 2023






Other volunteer role

Time commitment

1-3 hours per week
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