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About the organisation

Power of Zero is addressing the biggest societal change that childhood has been through since the Industrial Revolution. Children are increasingly online, with extraordinary opportunities for connectivity, creativity and learning. At the same time, increased access exposes them to violent and sexual content and the risks of unwanted contact, cyberbullying, commercial exploitation and real impacts to their physical and psychological health.

Power of Zero is a global initiative that brings together parents, educators, researchers, UN agencies, corporate citizens, NGOs and philanthropic foundations to ensure that every child learns the life skills they need to navigate their online-offline lives. What unites us are values of kindness, inclusivity and respect and the determination to protect children’s well-being as they begin their online journey.

About the role

Our trustees play a vital role in making sure that Power of Zero achieves its core purpose. They oversee the overall management and administration of the charity. They also ensure that Power of Zero has a clear strategy and that our work and goals are in line with our vision. 

Just as importantly, they support and challenge the executive team to enable Power of Zero to grow and thrive, and through this, our overall mission and objectives are met.

We are looking for a Finance Trustee that will maintain an overview of  Power of Zero’s financial affairs, ensure our financial viability and that proper financial records and procedures are maintained. Our Finance Trustee will play a vital role as the Treasurer of our Board of Trustees, supporting Power of Zero governance, providing financial oversight and strategic direction, and ensuring that effective and appropriate financial measures, controls, and procedures are put in place.

Our ideal candidate

We are looking for a strategic thinker who will use their financial expertise to oversee our financial health and play an active role in areas such as forecasting, setting budgets, and liaising with auditors. We would like to appoint an experienced professional with complementary skills in finance and business across the charity and commercial sectors, to join our Board of Trustees in leading and supporting the charity to deliver our goals.  The Finance Trustee will also act as the Honorary Treasurer.


As well as sitting on the Board of Trustees, the Finance Trustee will also:

  • Oversee the presentation of budgets, internal management accounts, and annual financial statements to the Board of Trustees.
  • Ensuring that proper accounting records are kept, and that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place.
  • Ensuring that robust and comprehensive financial policies are in place and being implemented, and supporting the development of policies covering financial reserves, and cost management.
  • Monitoring and advising on the financial viability of the charity.
  • Overseeing financial controls and adherence to systems, regularly liaising with the CEO
  • Advising on the financial implications of the charity’s strategic plan, including overseeing the charity’s financial risk-management process
  • Lead on the appointment of and liaison with external auditors.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of systems for appraising, mitigating and reporting corporate risk.
  • Ensuring that the accounts are prepared and disclosed in the form required by relevant statutory bodies, for example, the Charity Commission and/or the Registrar of Companies.

What’s in it for you

You will be joining our charity during an exciting point in our development and a period of real growth. Your expert knowledge and financial experience will be critical to our success. You will have a key role in ensuring we can maintain the work that we do. You will be a part of our small, friendly, passionate, and forward-thinking charity team.

This is a great opportunity to be part of a start-up non-profit and learn more about one of the biggest issues of our time. You will connect with NGOs across the world as we solve for the unintended consequences of childhood moving online. You get to oversee our financial wellbeing and to experience the satisfaction that comes from making the online and offline world a better place for children and teens

The role of Treasurer/Finance Trustee is so important to us - not only do we need someone to keep us on track financially and keep us viable, but even more significantly, we are looking for someone to help us formulate our vision for the future. We are looking for people willing to bring energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to the role, and who will broaden the diversity of thinking on our board. We are looking for someone who is passionate about children and young adults, who enjoys the international dimension of our work and is looking at making a difference in the educational sector.

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Treasurer and Trustee

Power of Zero

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30 Apr 2024







Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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