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About the organisation

Naz is the sexual health charity dedicated to people experiencing better sexual health. We do this because there’s a big gap in the sexual health outcomes of Black, Asian and Global Majority communities compared to the general population. Everything we do works to reverse this trend. 

Established in 1991, our evidence-based interventions are designed to enable those with the greatest risk of poor sexual health outcomes to have fulfilling sexual lives, understand how to access the right local service and ultimately to support better physical, mental and sexual health outcomes.

Naz has been in existence for more than 30 years. We are a pan London organisation, but increasingly our work supports people nationally and internationally. Our aim is to adopt a bold and intentional approach to support good sexual health outcomes for Black, Brown and Global Majority communities and reduce the health outcome disparities faced by this demographic.

The need for our work includes:

· Poor HIV and sexual health outcomes for the communities we work with because of systematic inequalities in early identification and treatment outcomes

· The COVID effect; our communities were disproportionately affected by COVID-19

· Additional barriers to accessing healthcare, including language, cultural differences, no recourse to public funds and poverty

· Shrinking number of specialist agencies that can support marginalised target communities

Our services are available in multiple languages and cover four key areas:


1. HIV care and support

2. Sexual health awareness

3. Clinical Services: HIV/selected STI pop-up services and psycho social therapeutic counselling

4. Policy and advocacy

The impact our Charity’s work makes can be quantified in the following ways:


· We work at unique intersections not replicated elsewhere, HIV, Ethnicity, Faith and Sexual orientation & identity.

· We shine a light on health equity and view it through an intersectional lens at a grassroot and global level keeping up pressure for equitable services in an intentional and bold way

· We reduce loneliness and improve access to opportunities for psychological and health and wellbeing support.

· We deliver interventions within a cultural competency framework.

· We are an invaluable referral resource for clinicians for community patient support

About the role

This is an on going role and we are looking for a 12 month committment. You will not be responsible for all of the duties below but a number of them and to liaise with the CEO providing monthly management reports. 


1. To be part responsible for ensuring financial controls are maintained and improved as needed, including all aspects of financial record-keeping via QuickBooks, reconciling bank statements, inputting information from petty cash vouchers, and making out and tracking outgoing invoices to debtors. Preparing paperwork and cheques for payment of incoming invoices.

2. Drafting of organisational budgets, cash-flow forecast and preparation of financial management accounts/reports monthly and as needed.

3. To ensure operational arrangements are in place to effectively support our accounting, budgetary and finance reporting systems.

4. To manage all leases and contracts for central services and equipment, including reviewing and re-tendering where necessary and identifying and establishing new services.

5. To control the NAZ insurance portfolio, regularly reviewing activities and ensuring cover remains appropriate and that programme managers are aware of their responsibilities.

6. Provide information to support applications for funding and as required by funders in regular monitoring and ad hoc queries.

7. Maintain contact with auditors, prepare final accounts for auditing, and ensure timely completion of our annual financial audit.

8. Proposing and discussing changes and improvements to the company’s current financial controls.

Our ideal candidate

Naz is looking for a committed individual who has 1-2 days available to support a health charity with a 30 year track record. We are looking for an experienced finance specialist who can support us in the day to day management and during our aduit periods.

To be a proactive finance partner for the Chief Executive, providing regular updates on the financial position and prospects of NAZ and working with them on financial strategy and decision making.

To be responsible for maintaining the current financial position of the organisation as well as developing new systems that will strengthen the organisation.

To work with the rest of the management team and the Chief Executive to ensure the strategic objectives are met, through the annual planning and budgeting process.

What’s in it for you

An opportunity to support a long standing BAME charity tackling health inequalities. Naz is an ambitious and unique charity working at the intersection of ethnicity, faith, HIV and sexual orientation. This is an opportunity to share your expertise in a much needed space and be part of a rewarding environment knowing your contribution is enabling the charity to forge forwards with its mission to support marginalised communities and benficaries. If your interest is a little bit piqued then please do drop me a line and we can have a chat about the charities goals and objectives and I can tell you a little more about what we have been doing voer the last 12 months on both a local, national and global level.

Apply for the role

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Finance Manager


Apply by

23 May 2023






Short-term project

Time commitment

7-15 hours per week
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