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About the organisation

The Marie Colvin Journalists’ Network (MCJN) is a small, recently-registered UK charity that provides professional development and essential assistance to women journalists from across the Arab region, supporting them to thrive in their careers as they confront discrimination, violence and curbs on freedom of speech. Our support includes the provision of mentorships, professional advice, Arabic-language resources and opportunities, networking and referrals. We work closely with leading press freedom advocates, mental health professionals, media outlets, safety and security experts, lawyers, and trainers to provide our Network members with the specialised advice and support they need so they can survive and thrive as professional women journalists in the journalism industry.

About the role

MCJN is seeking an individual with senior experience in financial management to join the Board of Trustees. The right candidate will play an active role in the overall governance and administration of our small and dynamic charity as our first Treasurer, thereby playing an essential part in ensuring we continue to expand and strengthen our impact sustainably and effectively. It is a voluntary but rewarding role.

The right candidate will have an eye for detail and a keen understanding of managing budgets and financial procedures, as well as a demonstrable interest in supporting journalism in difficult contexts. Working in regular coordination with MCJN’s Executive Director, you would be expected to maintain an overview of MCJN’s financial affairs, ensure its financial viability and ensure that proper financial records and procedures are maintained. 

Role Description

  • Be responsible for MCJN’s financial affairs, ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public as outlined in the charity’s Articles of Association.

  • Provide guidance and insights to the board and Director through the trustee’s own experience on key financial, budgetary, accounting or related governance issues that may impact MCJN.

  • Contribute proactively to the board in developing MCJN’s long-term fundraising strategy.

  • Act as an ambassador for MCJN to relevant key stakeholders and in support of our fundraising.


  • To prepare for, attend and contribute to quarterly board meetings (held via Zoom).

  • To become actively involved in MCJN’s finance & fundraising.

  • To oversee the preparation and presentation of MCJN’s annual budgets and accounts for submission to the relevant regulatory and statutory bodies (Companies House, Charity Commission, etc), as well as other relevant financial reports to the Board (in coordination with the MCJN Executive Director and external independent examiner/accountant).

  • To develop and ensure MCJN has appropriate financial procedures and policies in place, including those related to the management of risk, any reserves and investment.

  • To maintain regular, effective and professional communication with the Chair, other Trustees and MCJN Executive Director to ensure good debate and decision-making, ultimately ensuring the board is informed about its financial duties and responsibilities.

  • To participate actively and professionally in relevant external communications, especially those related to finance and fundraising.

  • Other relevant financial advice as required. 

Our ideal candidate

MCJN is seeking to build an expert and diverse board that can ensure our organisation is well run and making the right strategic decisions. To that end, we’re looking for candidates with any relevant experience from the corporate, media or charity sector and at all stages in their career who would like to be a part of our board.

The ideal candidate would be a financial professional with international experience and a demonstrable interest in journalism, the Arab region and gender equality.

S/he would have a high level of competence and credibility in financial management from any industry, with experience of budget management, forecasting and financial reporting. S/he would be able to think strategically, seek and take advice, debate issues, take decisions and communicate effectively. 

S/he would be able and willing to represent MCJN and its interests to key stakeholders, and to actively support the MCJN Board and Director. It would be desirable for the candidate to have experience of charity finance and fundraising, ideally within charities that work internationally. 

S/he should also be committed to advancing the safety and participation of women journalists in the media industry in the Arab region.

What’s in it for you

Although a voluntary role, it would be a highly rewarding position in which you could make a significant difference to the lives and careers of hundreds of women journalists across the Middle East and North Africa. As a small and recently-registered UK charity, you would be joining a small and dynamic board of influential and senior media professionals, and thereby playing a critical role in ensuring MCJN's good governance and administration. 

As MCJN's first Treasurer, you would have great scope to ensure MCJN establishes best financial practises - and therefore achieve the greatest possible impact. You would also gain opportunities for networking, whether in London or online, particularly across the international journalism industry.

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Treasurer / Finance Trustee

Marie Colvin Journalists' Network (MCJN)

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30 Mar 2024







Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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