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About the organisation

We are the UK's leading research-based pregnancy charity for women who suffer from a pregnancy specific liver disease called intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). It can be a distressing conditon with the primary sympton of itching which can be so debilitating that some women have reported feeling suicidal. In severe cases the conditon can cause stillbirth. We provide support and information to anyone affected by ICP and not just the women who suffer from it. ICP Support’s aims are to:

  • provide information and support to people affected by ICP
  • raise awareness of ICP
  • promote and fund research into ICP

We do this in a variety of ways which include: dedicated social media support groups, telephone supportlines, presentations on the condition to health professionals, website, being part of the wider pregnancy communities such as the Pregnancy & Baby Charities Network, as well as collaborating with organisations such as the RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists) and RCM (Royal College of Midwives). We work closely with researchers in the UK and overseas (our activities are not confined to the UK).


About the role

Our current Treasurer/Trustee has just stepped down. In an ideal world we are looking for someone to be Treasurer as well as a Trustee but we know how challenging it is to attract Trustees, especially to charities as small as us. Our financial year is the end of December so initially we are looking for someone to prepare our accounts. We have an Independent Examiner who can look at the accounts once prepared. It could be a perfect way for someone to help us in the short term whilst using it as an opportunity to see if it is something that they would like to extend to longer term!

Our ideal candidate

We would like someone who has experience of preparing accounts for small charities or businesses and who is a qualified Accountant. We have a finance administrator who maintains our accounting spreadsheets and we may also need you to liaise with our Finance Committee (possibly one evening meeting but not essential).

What’s in it for you

We need up to date accounts to be able to write our Trustees Annual Report and Accounts which we send to Funders for our charity when we make grant applications. By helping us out you will be ensuring that we are able to do this as soon as possible and help support our funding applications. You will also get to learn about a pregnancy conditon that affects 5,500 women a year in the UK and which many people donn't know about. Plus, if you liked the work enough you might even consider staying with us getting to know how a small charity operates and survives in such a challenging financial climate. Whatever you decide we will be grateful for what help you can donate.

Apply for the role

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Please provide a cover note if it is requested in the role description. Applications which are personalised, setting out your motivations for volunteering for the organisation and relevant skills/experience, are far more likely to be successful.


ICP Support

Apply by

7 Feb 2023






Short-term project

Time commitment

Short-term project 15-90 hours
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