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About the organisation

We provide supported accommodation and community projects to those across Leicestershire. We strive to reconnect the most excluded and help people more from crisis to independence.


We have over 100 bed spaces for those that are homeless or at risk of homelessness providing support to move from crisis to independence, addressing any support needs and teaching independent living skills so they can secure accommodation and move on to positively contribute to their communities.


Our community day centres are for those that are rough-sleeping, socially isolated or vulnerable in their community. Providing open access support, affordable food and a safe warm space. Our day centres need no referral and are often filled with those that would otherwise struggle to financially manage for food and utilities.


We deliver health and wellbeing services, including an Emotional and Wellbeing team which provides 1 to 1 and group sessions with those experiencing poor mental health as well as a service user led allotment. The Allotment provides an outdoor therapeutic space, being in nature working in allotments can provide significant improvements in both self-esteem, mood and mental wellbeing. Physical Health sessions including our football team and weekly walks as well as our Clinical room which provides a nurse once a week for health checks, blood borne virus testing, STI testing, screenings, fibro-scanning. We support those who suffer with addictions in partnership with Turning Point through needle exchange services, harm reduction sessions and aftercare support following rehab.


Our service users are 18+ and face a multitude of problems, and barriers, often being the hardest to reach, lacking qualifications and education, often linked to the criminal justice system, care leavers, poor physical and mental health with 76% of our service users reporting struggling with mental health difficulties. Most people that use our services are economically deprived and suffer from food poverty with poor nutrition, lack of cooking facilities and hunger. Many people have debts and are unable to budget and manage their money.

About the role

We are a charity with approximately £3million income, with properties in our charities portfolio. We are not VAT Registered, and we feel we are at a size now we need to consider whether to be VAT registered or not.

We are looking for a one off project for someone to provide guidance and assess the financial impact of being VAT registered so the Board of Trustees can decide.

We do not have a specific timeline.

The role would involve working with the CEO and Finance Manager, and then present the information to the Board of Trustees either directly or through the CEO/Finance Director.

Our ideal candidate

  • Supportive

  • Knowledge on VAT and Charity finances

  • Assessing the options objectively

  • Presentation skills beneficial

What’s in it for you

You will be helping the charity financially so we can become more sustainable and continue to deliver services, which means keeping bed spaces open which prevents rough sleeping. 

In addition the more financially stable to the charity is the more secure we are on staffing/structures etc. 

Chance to visit, volunteer and become involved in a homeless charity.

Apply for the role

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Please provide a cover note if it is requested in the role description. Applications which are personalised, setting out your motivations for volunteering for the organisation and relevant skills/experience, are far more likely to be successful.

Volunteer VAT consultant

Falcon Support Services

Apply by

31 May 2024






Short-term project

Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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