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About the organisation

Eating Better is a UK-based NGO alliance of 65 environmental, animal welfare, public health and social justice organisations. We are working to accelerate the transition from producing and eating too much meat and dairy, to a fairer, healthier and more sustainable food system that is better for people, animals and nature.

We provide a forum for members to share ideas, discuss different approaches and work together. Our thought leadership enables the development of joint strategies used collectively to influence public and political discourse and to underpin the development of shared asks of policy makers, the public sector and industry. A key area of our work is to facilitate consensus-building and cross-sectoral collaboration through workshops and events, and through the production of joint research and resources. Our overall aim is to achieve a just transition to a healthier, more sustainable and accessible food system, for people across all cultures and backgrounds in the UK.

We are a registered charity (no.1175669) governed by the Board of Trustees. We receive funding support from alliance members, trusts and foundations and individuals. For a list of our current funders and to read our funding statement, click here.

About the role

The purpose of this role is to contribute to the charity’s good governance, development, financial planning and management and support the Chair, Trustees and Executive Director.



The Treasurer’s key responsibilities are to:

  1. Ensure, together with the Executive Director and Chair, the financial stability and development of the Charity - in particular by advising the Board to adopt the Annual Budget, as well as monitoring regular financial reporting

  2. Ensure the financial affairs of Eating Better are conducted within legal requirements, accounting conventions and good practice

  3. Review and approve budgets and cashflow projections with the Executive Director on a quarterly basis

Main Duties

The Treasurers’ main tasks are to:

  1. Ensure the board fulfils its financial responsibilities as a charity

  2. Ensure proper systems exist for budgeting, financial control, insurance, and reporting

  3. With the Executive Director, keep board members informed on finances of Eating Better by written report, at least on a quarterly basis

  4. Communicate with relevant staff and other board members so as to maintain a clear picture of the financial health of Eating Better

  5. Ensure compliance and regulations requirements as appropriate

  6. Ensure financial reports are comprehensible and properly discussed

  7. Ensure financial reports are provided in the proper format and at the proper time, as required by other bodies in law

  8. Ensure the appointment of auditors or independent examiners

  9. Provide a financial report to members on an annual basis

  10. Ensure the board develops a long-term financial strategy for Eating Better with objectives which can be monitored

  11. Monitor progress in budget implementation

  12. Ensure appropriate financial goals are set for the resources available to Eating Better.

Time commitment

The role of Treasurer is an important function and responsibility for Trustees. The time commitment for the role would be in the region of 6-8 days per year and includes 4 online quarterly Trustee Board meetings and our AGM, 4 online pre-board meeting finance review meetings, 2 in-person days (a strategy workshop day and the annual member event) and support with annual reporting, funding bids, and scrutiny and sign-off of Eating Better’s annual accounts on behalf of the Board. Occasional availability is required to advise on finance-related decisions, fundraising, reporting to Trustees and development of financial management systems.

Our ideal candidate

We are looking for someone with the experience to help guide our financial operations and help us succeed in our mission to achieve a transition to a healthier, fairer and more sustainable food system. If you are passionate about food and how it connects public health, animal welfare and the health of our planet, consider joining our unique alliance to help us make real change.




  • Experience in financial accounting and reporting procedures
  • Strategic financial planning skills
  • Understanding of organisational management
  • Ability to communicate financial information to those who may have little or no financial background


  • Experience of NGO and/or alliance function and culture
  • Trusts and foundations fundraising experience
  • Personal interest in sustainable diets

Personal attributes

Our Trustees value teamwork and friendly collaboration where everyone’s voice is heard.

  • Organised and responsive
  • Generous with their expertise and networks to support Eating Better’s work
  • Committed to the time requirement for the role

What’s in it for you

Benefits of the role for trustees

  • You will contribute to the mission of the alliance
  • You will gain strategic, governance experience through overseeing the organisation
  • You will expand professional networks

Apply for the role

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Please provide a cover note if it is requested in the role description. Applications which are personalised, setting out your motivations for volunteering for the organisation and relevant skills/experience, are far more likely to be successful.

Board Treasurer

Eating Better

Apply by

29 Jul 2024







Time commitment

1-3 hours per week
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