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About the organisation

Skylarks Charity aims to provide a supportive and active community, caring for the whole family and removing the isolation often experienced by families with children who have disabilities or additional needs. Located in Richmond Upon Thames, we offer a range of inclusive services and therapies to over 4500 registered families, and we continue to grow to meet the evolving needs of our community.


The charity is growing rapidly and expanding its reach further into SW London and beyond. In the last five years the charity has increased its membership by 30% YOY. Income has incresed from £100k to forecast £600k by April 2024.

About the role

Skylarks Charity are seeking a dedicated and experienced individual to join our Board of Trustees as a Treasurer Trustee. Skylarks' vision is to create a world where children with additional needs can thrive. As a vital member of our governance team, you will play a key role in ensuring the financial sustainability of Skylarks Charity, allowing us to continue providing essential support to children and families in need.


Role Overview:

As a Treasurer Trustee, you will be responsible for maintaining robust financial processes, procedures, and practices to ensure Skylarks Charity's financial viability. Collaborating with fellow Trustees, you will assure compliance with legislative requirements, providing financial expertise to the Board and ensuring Skylarks delivers its financial duties and responsibilities.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the Board receives appropriate budgetary and financial information on charity activities.

  • Oversee the preparation and disclosure of Annual Accounts in compliance with statutory and legislative requirements, presented at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

  • Hold Skylarks accountable for decision-making, reviewing and improving the Board's scheme for delegation and risk management.

  • Collaborate with the Managing Director, Finance Committee, and the charity’s independent examiner or auditor, ensuring robust financial controls and conducting regular reviews.

  • Attend remote Trustee meetings, liaising with the Managing Director, Finance Officer, and Governance teams as needed.

  • Safeguard the charity's good name and values, actively contributing to strategic direction and policy setting.

  • Actively engage in Board discussions, providing expertise to ensure Skylarks has the resources and financial visibility to deliver its strategy.


Additional Information:

Please be aware that Skylarks Charity is a non-revenue generative organization; thus, all trustee roles are voluntary and unpaid. We ensure that reasonable expenses are reimbursed in accordance with our Expenses Policy.

Skylarks Charity primarily operates remotely, but occasional in-person attendance may be requested for specific meetings. The successful candidate is expected to attend a minimum of 5 Trustee Board meetings per annum, in addition to the AGM and Finance Committee meetings. The role involves dedicating time to scrutinize Board papers, lead financial discussions, and provide advice and guidance as requested by the Board or Managing Director to effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the Treasurer Trustee.

Our ideal candidate


  • Financial skills, knowledge, and qualifications (e.g., ACA, ACCA, or CMA).
  • Ideally, experience as a Treasurer and/or working on a Board of Trustees (not essential).
  • Experience in the charity sector and a proven track record of financial expertise.
  • Understanding of the Treasurer Trustee role.

What’s in it for you

Trusteeship offers profound rewards for various reasons. Engaging with new people, gaining diverse experiences, and acquiring insights into Skylarks Charity will empower the successful candidate to contribute significantly to our charitable cause. Trustees hold independent control and legal responsibility for Skylarks Charity’s management and administration. If you are passionate about creating a world where children with additional needs play an invaluable role in thriving communities, please reach out to us.

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Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Skylarks Charity

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15 Mar 2024







Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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