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About the organisation

Kino Kult CIC is an audiovisual arts and live cinema collective operating in Portsmouth, UK, on the south cast. The collective has been operating in and around the city since 2004. There are three primary areas of activity for the collective, DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge, Making Waves Film Festival and one000pleateaus audiovisual arts producer.

The objectives of Kino Kult CIC are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular to:

-To focus on using creativity and cultural practice to promote cultural enrichment, well-being and to empower people to be creative.

- To enable underrepresented communities to have better opportunities to engage in creative and cultural production and exhibition.

- To promote employment and talent development opportunities in audio-visual and performing arts, across a range of creative and cultural practices.

- Engage with the development of new audiences, promote all forms of media literacy, and to improve accessibility to audio-visual performance and related creative practices for audiences and artists alike.

- To focus on producing arts events that combine the excitement and energy of live performance with the art and storytelling of cinema in new and surprising locations.

Kino Kult CIC trades under the following brands:

- DVMISSION 48 Hour Film Challenge

- Making Waves Film Festival

- 0ne000plateaus (audiovisual arts producer)

About the role

This is our first year trading as a CIC, before that we operated as a non-incorporated association for over ten years. The organisation doesn't have any core funding or assets and is entriely funded project by project by public organisations such as Arts Council England and the British Film Academy. 

The organisation is run entirely by a small team of dedicated volunteers and none of us currently have the necessary accounting skills to do what we need to do in order to manage our accounts. 

We can probably do a lot ourselves once someone has assisted us to get our systems and processes in place. After that, especially given the power of accounting software, it is probably just a case of checking in occasionally, offering advice and ensuring we are on track. 

What we need more than anything right now, is coaching, mentoring and support. In particular we need someone to help set up Quickbooks, and to help us with learning how to use the software effectively.

Our ideal candidate

Could be someone with general book keeping skills right through to an experienced accountant. We would value a long term engagement over a short term commitment but would consider any support at this stage. For us, the relationship is as important as the skills your bring to the organisation.

What’s in it for you

Our organisation is committed to long term development and we really do want to make a difference in the city of Portsmouth where we work. Our 48 hour film challenge has been running for 20 years and has been doing talent development and community building for the creative sector since it started. 

Our film festival works with local community groups to help them screen films that have meaning to them in non-traditional settings. Our audiovisual arts productions are community orientated and all about developing the capacity to enage in the arts as participants or as artists for those in the community. 

We can't offer much other than you will be helping us grow our reach and our capacity to deliver publicly funded projects. Though you may find our events are often fun and exciting so you may also enjoy joining us as a VIP guest.

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Accountant/Book Keeper

Kino Kult CIC

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7 Jun 2024






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Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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