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About the organisation

DEX was co-founded in January 1994 as a charity of volunteers. Since then we have been involved in many different campaigns as well as having carried out our own expert research. We have grown considerably in size and now have a team of paid staff as well as having a very active board.


Deaf EXperience Limited (DEX) is a charity which campaigns nationally to improve access to education, wellbeing and quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing young people.We support deaf young people across Yorkshire to meet other young deaf people and to share their experiences. We welcome young people with any level of deafness and all communication methods.


DEX uses the English dictionary definition of the term “deaf” to mean “wholly or partially without hearing” to apply to all deaf children and young people.


We hold lots of events where deaf young people can have fun, learn something new and meet others! We have two different groups. The DEX Deaf Youth Hub (DDYH) is for 11 to 17 year olds and the DEX Deaf Youth Council (DDYC) is for 17 to 30 year olds.. Interpreters are at all events to help everyone to chat and make friends!


DEX offers a variety of services for professionals who work with deaf people. We can arrange to deliver a free outreach session at your place of work. We also offer deaf awareness training for people who may come across deaf people in their day to day roles. Our consultancy service is perfect for people who are want to improve their organisation’s access for deaf people.







About the role

We have had a fantastic treasurer, found by Charterpath, for several years now and he is unfortunately but understandably now leaving us.


We are looking for someone with a good, strong background in finance to take on this role. It is therefore ongoing support at board meetings and providing a treasurer's report.


Board meetings are held 4 times per year. We have a finance sub-committee (risk and finance group) and a fundraising sub-committee.


If there was the opportunity of ongoing financial support - our books need to be brought up to date with modern software (we have been trying Xero and seemingly not working for us). If we had some ad-hoc support with this, that would be much appreciated.



Our ideal candidate

Someone familiar with commissioning/ business background, particularly with children and young people's services, would be very useful for us in order to grow our profile and services offered.


Equally, anyone with good understanding and experience of fundraising would prove very valuable for us.

What’s in it for you

Deaf charities are lead by lived experience usually but it is extremely hard to find a Deaf staff member/ candidate with all of the above skills due to the very poor offering of education to Deaf people within society, particulary British Sign Language users.


By supporting us and maybe offering a way of mentoring our Deaf staff members, you will be providing them with skills they would otherwise have struggled to access. You will be making a huge impact to the sustainability of the organisation wihich is so needed for our Deaf younger people. We want to offer an organisation for them that will continue to support their right access and information which typically, they wouldn't have had.


Equally, you will embrace a whole new world of Deafness! An entirely different language, different culture and a great insight into the struggles that are faced on a daily basis by not only our Deaf youths but our staff. That in turn helps us with educating the further and wider community about Deaf people and how to make society more accessible!

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30 Jun 2024






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Time commitment

0-5 hours per month
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