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About the organisation

Mission: to pay tribute to NHS and Care Home workers who died during the pandemic and remembers their families.

The Organisation’s objects are:

(1) To protect and preserve mental health and the relief of suffering and distress through bereavement by providing support by way of financial grants, goods, services, and information

(2) To work with other charitable organisations to deliver financial grants, goods, services, and information to those on need by reason of ill health, financial hardship, or another disadvantage

(3) providing advice and support on bereavement issues

(4) To produce a Legacy Film to remember the hard work and dedication of all nurses during the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure their bravery and hard work

throughout are not forgotten

(5) To work with other charitable organisations to hold an annual event to ensure future generations know how grateful we are for their tireless work and dedication during traumatic times

Cerulean Blue has 3 diverse trustees:

Sheilla Ndarukwa - a black nurse working at Leicester General Hospital

Frank Hooton - a white case worker working part-time at Charity Link

Chris Thomas - Founder of the organisation, a retired healthcare professional and a white disabled person

Our fundraising to date has been very poor and demoralising. I understand given the scale of poverty, individual and social need around us all. We have achieved one major objective to produce a Legacy Film which we are proud of. We are preparing for an annual memorial event in partnership with Cavell - Bake2Donate from 23rd-29th March (the first week of national lockdown).

Cerulean Blue collectively remembers the different lived experiences of nurses during Covid-19: bereavement, loss, suffering, sacrifices and isolation. Our Bake2Donate Campaign is for local communities around the UK to hold bake sales to show their appreciation for all that nurses do (and did during the height of the pandemic).

All proceeds will go to Cavell Nurses, who support nurses when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship often due to illness, disability, older age, domestic abuse and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

About the role

  • To work collaboratively with all trustees

  • To meet all trustees online and attend quarterly meetings

  • To attend quarterly meetings with chairperson

  • To manage all financial transactions

  • To process invoices and make payments through online banking

  • To liaise with Localgiving re donations and Gift Aid

  • To file Cerulean Blue's Company Tax Return when requested

  • To maintain confidentiality at all times

  • To support Cerulean Blue's mission, values and ethos

  • To have a current DBS

  • To fulfil the role all financial records must be current, transparent and available for scrutiny at any time.

For part of the year (March 23-29), Cerulean Blue's partnership with Cavell involves all money raised during the annual campaign will go directly to Cavell via their Enthuse account.

Trustee meetings will discuss allocation of grants and donations made via the Localgiving account.

Our ideal candidate

An ideal candidate will have the financial ability to transfer small income and expenses to a formal accounts package. As a Barclays customer, Freshbooks is available for the charity.

What’s in it for you

The public psyche has a short memory regarding the many sacrifices healthcare workers made during the pandemic. Cerulean Blue is striving to ensure that despite any current perceptions emanating from negative press reports about healthcare provision we must not forget Covid-19.

A volunteer applying for this position will contribute to a team effort towards helping us all to remember the societal impact of the pandemic.

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Finance Volunteer

Cerulean Blue

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30 Apr 2024






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0-5 hours per month
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